Thursday, January 28

Join the 2016 CSA now!!!

A strange El Nino influenced winter is now more than half over, so we turn our thoughts to spring and to planting.

Care to share in the bounty of our harvest this year?

See the details to the right, and let us know.

Spring is very tight--first come first serve for the waiting list!

Plenty of room for summer, some room for fall.

Start dates are tentative--let's see how winter ends and spring begins!

An email to detailing your intentions will save your spot!

Wednesday, October 21

Final Week!!!

Lots of food again this week, and after that heavy frost last weekend (we hit 24 degrees), let's call it a successful Fall CSA session--everything is out of the ground!!!  You get it all this week.

Thank you so much for your support--obviously, we couldn't do it without you.  It was a great year for some things, not so great for other things, but that is usually the way it goes.  I hope you enjoyed a season's (or 3 seasons!) worth of good food grown without any organic or chemical sprays, dusts, or powders.

In this week's share:

Salad mix (after my wife complained about a bit too much "good bacteria" (err, dirt), I've taken to triple washing the mixes when I get them home.  Works great!!! Highly recommend it.


Green or ripening tomatoes (lots and lots!)


Butternut or spaghetti squash

Delicata or Honeynut Squash

Garlic Chives


3 of the following:

Italian Dandelion greens
Rainbow Chard
Lacinato Kale
Leaf Broccoli


Wednesday, October 14

Fall CSA Week 4.75

Looks like a heavy freeze is headed our way this weekend, right on time--our average first frost date is October 15.

As a precaution, we harvested heavy again, so we'll call this week 4.75 and we pull forward a few things we will likely lose.

In this week's share:


Rainbow Chard--finally a good crop after too much heat this summer

Chives--a very tender fall cutting, packed with flavor


Senposai this crop is tough to grow...had a beautiful crop but it bolted in the heat earlier...this was a later, smaller crop that has enjoyed the cooler weather...enjoy!


Squash--spaghetti, buttercup, honeynut (small, like delicata, but wow!!!--will grom much more of this next year)

Peppers if enough; otherwise potatoes


Lemongrass--a few leafs of this wonderful herb:

Apples--6 varieties to choose from!

Wednesday, October 7

Autumn CSA week 3.5

Another great week!


Salad mix--fantastic mix of lettuces, spinach, baby kale, mizuna, bok choi...

Senposai--do you love it yet?

Beets or turnips


Squash--take your pick...spaghetti, buttercup, butternut, honeynut!!! Fantastic, have been eating them all week!

Romano beans or Red Noodle Beans

Peppers!!!!! Likely the last for the the flavor the cooler nights bring out...

Apples or pears

At the stand: last order of Sheep's Yogurt for the year...this dairy does not make it once they leave the pasture in the fall--amazing stuff!!!

Wednesday, September 30

Fall CSA Week 2 and a half!!!!!!!

Pay close attention vegetable lovers!!!!!!!

In anticipation of potential flooding in the fields into early next week, we harvested very heavily the last couple of days.  As a result, this week will be a week and a half's share.  We will shorten the CSA to five weeks, and make the fifth week a week and a half share as well.

If the weekend weather were promising, I'm sure I could sell all of this produce at the stand, but traffic will likely be light because of the weather.  So you get lots of food this week!!!

In this week's (and a half!) share:

Head of lettuce

Chinese Mustard--a mix of black and yellow chinese mustards, very potent yet tender...

Italian Leaf Broccoli!!!!! Love it!!! This will be a CSA staple going forward...keep it simple:

Baby kale or Arugula

Lacinato Kale or Broccoli Rabe (blanch first if you like to cut down on the bitterness):

Baby beets


Ripening or Green Tomatoes (you know what to do!):

Sweet potatoes or kohlrabi


Delicata squash: my favorite, not sure why I grow any others!

Apple or pears

That's a lot of food.  Great weather for cooking!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23

Autumn CSA Week 1

This photo looks a lot like last week's...except you can now see red leaves in the marsh.  The change from summer to fall was very abrupt this year, with night temperatures dropping nearly 20 degrees in a week or so.  Tomatoes are coming to an end as we transition to fall crops.

In this week's share:

Tomatoes, a lot fewer! Next week I hope to have enough to share again, but it will be the last week for them.
Radishes--the tops are abundant on these, so do yourself a favor and make this soup (you can use the potatoes and onions too!):
Onions--little ones like you can't buy in the store!  Great flavor.
Beans--mostly Italian heirloom Romanos--cut into bite size pieces, steam until tender, then toss into a garlic and tomato sauce and simmer for 15 minutes.  Delicious! Or try this:
Japanese Red Noodle Beans
Purple Kohlrabi:
Honeycrisp Apples

If you haven't paid yet, your name won't be on the list--please write your name down!!!!


Wednesday, September 16

Last Week of Summer Share!!!

That went by quickly!

Thanks so much for supporting our modest farming venture.  If you liked this year's summer CSA program, tell a friend!  I would like to expand by 15-20 members next year, so spread the word!

We go out with a bang this week:

Senposai...Huge leaves! Delicious!!!!
Curly endive
pears or apples or plums
1 Red Noodle Bean! Just thinning them out--more for Autumn CSA members next week...

Still have a few slots left in the fall CSA...let me know ASAP!!!!!